Foreigners to Obtain Non-Criminal Records Certification in China

2022-06-09 15:21
A police certificate is a document confirming you have no conviction within a jurisdiction. It‘s also known as a police clearance certificate (PCC), or non criminal record (NCR) certificate. In Chinese, it is commonly referred to as a 无犯罪记录证明书 (certificate of no criminal conviction). For sample, see here.

Unlike most countries, in China, a city will only issue to a foreigner a police certificate covering the time you resided (with work resident permit or study resident permit)  in that place. In other words,  you can only have the certificate covering the period of resident permit.
Besides, if you have lived in multiple locations, you may need multiple police certificates.

First of all, as a foreign individual, you can not go to the police station to get your clearance record. Instead you need a notary office to help you with this process. Generally speaking, you need bring the necessary documentation to the notary office to start the process. Documentation depends on whether you're currently in China or not:

If you're currently in China: 

1.Residence permit held by applicant during his/her stay in China
2.An accommodation registration form during the period of residence permit
3.The stamped copy of the foreign contact card of the applicant's previous company/school
4.Proof of no criminal record issued by the company/school where the applicant worked
5.Application for proof of no criminal record issued by the company/school for which the applicant worked (application for no criminal record obtained from the immigration department)
6.Stamped copy of the business license of the company/school where the applicant worked/studied
7.Applicant's passport
8.Four 2-inch photographs of applicants

If you're not currently in China: 

Besides all the documents above, there's one more step if you're not currently in China which is Power of Attorney toappoint an agent to help you with the process. But in this step, it depends on the country where you use it. You should check with the consulate whether your documents need legalization or authentication.
You can check here to know more about legalize your documentation.

Once all the documents above are fully prepared, you can go to the notary office to start the process.The notary can issue the police certificate with a translation in English or in another language, if required.

To get a non-criminal record is not a complicated process, but it needs a lot of professional documents with special requirements, and it takes time to finalize the process. To save your time and organize your application, we're here to simplify your process. Ferrante & Partners, Ltd (“F&P”) is a joint venture based in Chengdu, China, providing professional international business, legal and corporate consulting services. Our firm focuses on being thorough and transparent regarding how we assist with police certificate applications. Contact us now for a free consultation.