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Established in 2015, Chengdu, China, Ferrante & Partners, Ltd (“F&P”) is formed by a team of international consultants, providing our clients with professional services in the areas of Business, Legal and General Corporate Consulting. F&P has built the reputation by providing services in helping top-name, international companies found and expand their businesses.
Over the years, F&P, in addition to our international partners, both Ferrante Law Firm, based in New York City, USA and Ferrante & Partners, S.r.L. Milan, Italy to cover our clients’ businesses from the West to the East, providing on the ground services, mainly in the industries of E-commerce, Education, Fashion, Food, Jewelry, Design and Manufacturing. We take pride in representing our clients and continue to forge ahead on the principles of Expertise, Experience and Excellence.  
On our website, you will find plenty informative materials, with focus in mainland, China, and our consultants are standby 24/7, to assist you in your next great adventure.
Dan Li
Managing Partner
Ms. Li oversees all operations and business develo/pment. At the age of 17, she went to the U.S. to begin her undergraduate studies, majoring Fashion Merchandise Management. She has over 15 years of experiences in international business management, immigration and corporate counseling. Her clients are among some of the well-known international enterprises, i.e. Fendi Casa, Ocwen, Gruppo Cremonini, Alessi, etc., to name a few.
Frank Ferrante
Senior Partner, General Counsel
Mr. Ferrante primarily advises our clients in the U.S. in corporate, immigration, and real estate law and intellectual property. Since 1997, he has been a member of American Immigration Lawyers Associations and the city of Bar of New York. He is also a long-time advocate of Immigration Equality.
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Joachim Kässmodel
Senior Partner
Mainly in charge of Marketing & Sales, as well as all Information Technology. He provides professional consulting services to clients on marketing and strategy planning, branding and project management. He has worked with some of the most reputable enterprises such as Volkswagen and Guerlain by providing them with market planning and sales strategies in China.
Alisa Huang
Account Manager
As the Account Manager, Ms.Huang is mainly responsible for providing tailor-made visa solutions and managing clients’cases.
She graduated from Sichuan International Studies University and majored in Luxury Management. She used to work at Chongqing Star 68 Plaza, and joined the Firm in early 2020. Since then, her persistence in achieving excellence has helped her to win wide recognition and appreciation amongst many of our clients.
Hong Xiao
Ms.Xiao who graduated from Southwest University of Science and Technology, majored in accounting, has been providing her expertise as a licensed accountant for more than 9 years in the industry.
Ms. Xiao has joined our firm as a full-time accountant. She is mainly in charges of our Clients’tax reporting, advisory on both corporate and individual tax planning to effectively help on reducing the tax burden by implementing conscious and forward-thinking financial practices.
Rina Zhang
Manager Assistant
Prior to join our firm, Ms. Zhang has had over 11 years of experiences in customer services and management, first working for Maersk, a global shipping company, and later on to Jones Lang Lasalle, a real estate consultancy firm.
Ms. Zhang is known for her attention to details, and sensitive awareness of the challenges that the foreign community face when operating and living in China. As such, Ms.Zhang excels in the capacity of Executive Assistance to provide her hands-on approach to both our executives and to the clients that we service.
Chenjun Li
Legal Advisor
Through years of practice, Mr. Li provides legal service for numerous enterprises and governmental institutions in the areas of finance, real estate, hotel, food production, internet, mergers and acquisitions. He specializes in Enterprise Legal Risk Control, foreign cooperation, litigation and arbitration. He has successfully represented over hundreds of civil and commercial cases.
Zhuoma Ciren
Senior Advisor
Over the last 10 years, Ms. Ciren has conducted and assisted in financial service transactions and international real estate investments. She has an extensive network of key financial institutions in the U.S. and a unique understanding of investing in commercial and residential real estate in the U.S. She has participated in the commercial real estate transactions for several publicly traded Chinese investment companies.
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Max Chen
Account Manager
Mr. Chen previously worked for Jellyfish F&B Group in Chengdu, China and SUNLINE Energy Corp in Melbourne, Australia, mainly in F&B and entertainment industries. The experiences provided him with profound insights in marketing, business consulting and  human resource management. It made him acutely aware of diversifying cultural differences in today’s business’s world.
Since joining our firm in 2019, Mr. Chen has been mainly responsible for clients’management and business development.