Ferrante & Partners, Ltd (“F & P”) is headquartered in Chengdu, China, providing our clients with professional services in the areas of Legal, Business and General Corporate Consulting. F & P has built the reputation by providing services in helping top-name, international companies found and expand their businesses between China, Europe and the U.S. Established on the principles of Expertise, Experience and Excellence, F & P takes pride in representing international and local enterprises, and individuals in the industries of Manufacturing, Real Estate, E-commerce, Fashion, Food, Jewelry and Design.

Ferrante Club is a platform created by F & P in appreciation for our clients to best provide additional services and support as well as to further our commitment to linking China‍‍, Europe and the U.S. with quality services and information.

FREE Face to Face Seminars

Weekly seminars with professionals from the U.S. and Germany on education overseas, discussions of legal topics, visa issues, living and working abroad, as well as Members Only events.

Tailor-Made Travel Tours

Theexclusive, tailor-made travel tours are designed for our club members twice ayear. The tour is led by Joachim Kaessmodel, one of F&P founders, who has travelled from Europe to China on a bicycle, visiting more than 70 countries.

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Whether working with foreign or domestic companies, traditional or e-commerce businesses, F & P offers its prestigious clients individualized strategic advice and services to meet our clients’ needs. F & P has established a reputation for:

●The unique Sino-American business model and hands on experience, with an accomplished team of multi-lingual experts (fluentin English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese), who provide professional legal & business consulting services to clients, while exceeding their expectations;

● Each partner has more than 10 years of industry experience: all have studied, lived, and invested in foreign countries;

● Our clients can easily expand their businesses in China, the U.S. and Germany, with the international platform provided by us.

F & P offers legal solutions for every phase of the business life cycle. We help businesses form legal entities and maintain their good standing. Our services make it easier for companies to expand their business activities into the U.S. or China. Our mission is to help enabling smoother transactions, smarter decisions, improved compliance, easier collaboration, stronger intellectual property protection, and faster transferand management of corporate and legal data.

Intellectual Property / China

Intellectual property is a longstanding, critical concern for companies operating in China. Concern about IP enforcement remains a major factor influencing company strategies and operations. To be successful in China, F & P assists the companies develop an integrated IP protection strategy that reflects the nature and extent of the IP problems they will face in China.

Ø Trademark Registration

Ø  Patent Application

Ø  I.P. Protection andLitigation

Corporate Structuring / China

When setting up a business in China, choosing the right structure can be critical to the success and life of the company. It is important to have a full understanding of the business structure you take. F & P assists clients in obtaining the right Chinese legal entity for their operations and manages the transactions required to start a new organization or acquire an existing one:

Ø  State Owned Enterprise

Ø  Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise

Ø  Joint-Venture

Ø  Partnership

Ø  Rep. Office

Ø  Private Enterprise

Ø  Individually Owned


Visa services are an essential part of expanding any business. F & P has been successfully assisting clients in obtaining appropriate visas, ensuring a smooth transition,while avoiding costly delays.


Ø  Student & Exchange Visitor F1 & J1

Ø  Working Visa H1B

Ø  Extraordinary Talent O1 /EB-1A

Ø  Multinational Executives and Managers L1A / EB-1C

Chinese Visas

Ø  Travel/Business Visa L/M

Ø  Working Visa Z

Ø  Relatives Visas Q1/Q2 


The regulatory environment in China is complex and subject to frequent change. Unlike other jurisdictions, the establishment and maintenance of subsidiaries and representative offices in China are subject to time-consuming approval, registration and filing requirements involving many government departments and agencies. This makes it challenging for clients to monitor the compliance status of their China offices. Our corporate services in China are designed toassist clients in addressing these issues. 

Outsourcing HR Support

The professional outsourcing HR/Administrative Support can help clients to outsource the non-core positions or the business processes. These outsourcing services simplify the employment process; reduce the employee management cost through professional personnel management and standard operation process. F& P provides professional services to free clients from the tedious daily tasks, thus allowing more time to focus on the core of their business:

Ø  Local Personnel Recruitment

Ø  Provide Employee Handbook

Ø  Assistance in HR with Chinese Government Registration and Compliance 

Virtual Office

One of the biggest costs involved in starting up a business in China is that of setting up an office. With rental fees for office space as well as the equipment for employees – not to mention the expense of paying the bills – it might make sense to implement a virtual office. F & P provides virtual office to include the following services:  

Ø  Use of Business Address

Ø  Immediate Notice & Mail Receiving

Ø  Mails Keeping and Management

Outsourcing Administrative Support

Whether you are a start-up business, a growingbusiness or a mature corporation, F&P administrative service has the expertise to help you. Provide you experienced, affordable and dependable support services to help you concentrate on running your business and maintaining customer service.

Ø  Corporate Relocation

Ø  Bookkeeping Service


Operating from China, F & P offers the ideal platform for Chinese companies looking over the Great Wall, while providing a bridge for foreign companies to optimize their business potential. Regardless of our client’s industry, we strive to break down international barriers between global organizations and to forge full market entry implementation.

International Cooperation

To help Chinese companies expand to foreign nations and foreign companies to enter the Chinese market, we offer strategic solutions that can be applied to a wide variety of situations, including China market entry, Business growth strategy in countries of China, the U.S. and Germany, joint venture business planning, in addition to regular business development planning:

Ø Advisory for Chinese Enterprises

Ø China Market Entry for Foreign Companies

Due Diligence Reports

To maximize the value of every transaction, F & P employs a focused and tailored approach to rapidly identify and understand the specific interests to our clients. Our professionals bring extensive experience with clients to make better deal decisions. Our reports’ areas include:

Ø  EB5 Due Diligence Report

Ø  Property Investment Background Search

Ø  School Qualification Report

Marketing and Strategic Planning

F& P understands the importance of marketing to every business. Many small to mid-size companies struggle with how, when, and where to begin when it comes to business development. Our consultants have years of experience helping companies to make informed decisions on how to best optimize their marketing efforts in the following areas:

Ø  Market Assessments

Ø  Brand Planning &Development

Ø  Corporate Strategy & Planning

Investment Consulting

F&P strategies and programs are largely reflective of our senior management's extensive real estate experience which spans over two decades. We partner with top-tier brokers, international developers, sophisticated investors and customer-friendly lending institutions to provide our clients with exclusive investment opportunities – thereby offering our clients “off-market” investment portfolios, as well as high return on investment products.

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Dan Kässmodel / Managing Partner: Mrs.Kässmodel oversees all operations and business development. She has over 15 years of experience in international business management, immigration, corporation structures and real estate. She went to U.S. at the age of 17 when she began her undergraduate studies. At the age of 30, she became the first female managing director at the American law firm. She is also a member of the ALA.
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Frank Ferrante / Senior Partner, General Counsel: Mr. Ferrante primarily advises our clients in the U.S. in corporate, immigration, and real estate law and intellectual property. Since 1997, he has been a member of American Immigration Lawyers Associations and the city of Bar of New York. He is also a long time advocate of Immigration Equality.
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Joachim Kässmodel / Senior Partner: Mainly in charge of Marketing & Sales, as well as all Information Technology. He provides professional consulting services to clients on marketing and strategy planning, branding and project management. He has worked with some of the most reputable enterprises such as Volkswagen and Guerlain by providing them with market planning and sales strategies in China.
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Ivan Gilbert / Senior Immigration Counsel: Mr. Gilbert has over 25 years as Immigration expert. He provides strategic direction and comprehensive legal guidance to HR managers, in-house counsel, and foreign national employees regarding professional (H-1B, EB-2 [incl. NIW], EB3-2), skilled labor (EB3-1), intracompany transferee (L-1A/L-1B, L-1 Blanket), multinational executives/managers (EB1-3), exchange aliens (J-1), extraordinary ability (O-1/EB1-1), outstanding researchers (EB1-2) and labor certification (PERM).
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Zhuoma Ciren / Senior Advisor: Over the last 10 years, Ms. Ciren has conducted and assisted in financial service transactions and international real estate investments. She has an extensive network of key financial institutions in the U.S. and a unique understanding of investing in commercial and residential real estate in the U.S. She has participated in the commercial real estate transactions for several publicly traded Chinese investment companies.
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Lorenzo DeLillo / Senior Counsel, Real Estate : Mr. DeLillo specializes in Real Estate, Commercial and Corporate litigation. He negotiated and closed commercial and residential retail projects in excess of $150 million, with a record contract of sale for a $44 million residence on 5th Avenue, N.Y.C.
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Amy Yan / Office Manager: Prior to joining F&P, Ms. Yan worked for a Hong Kong trade company. She was in charge of assisting foreign clients in various international trade shows. She also worked at one of the top 500 companies in the world, as their Supply Chain Supervisor, acting as the liaison for their China office and their overseas headquarters, as well as their main international accounts. Currently, Ms. Yan is responsible for our daily operations, administrative coordination between our New York and Chengdu, China offices.
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William Cutler / Account Manager: Mr. Cutler has gone through extensive Chinese language training, taking a B.A. major in Asian Studies with Mandarin Chinese at the College of Charleston, South Carolina, U.S. He speaks, reads, and writes fluently in Chinese. He is well accustomed to Chinese culture and lifestyle. In addition, Mr. Cutler worked for one of the largest International schools in China, obtaining first-hand knowledge of client services and relations. Today, he is mainly focused on business development and accounts management.

Regular Visas: F&P has successfully helped a Chinese Client to obtain the American Tourist Visa, who had been rejected by UK and European Shengen Visa, due to personal reasons. Several Visa Service agents see it as "high risk" denial case, but F&P tailor-made the strategy according to the client’s background that helped her to secure a visa to the U.S. 


Multinational Executive/Manager Green Card: In less than two years, F&P has helped several clients to obtain the U.S. multinational executive L1 visa and apply for green card directly. Our U.S. partner, Ferrante Law Firm had provided immigration services for over 10,000 staffs of a financial service company with market value of billions of dollars to deal with different immigration requests of the company.


Commercial Real Estate: F&P U.S. partner, Ferrante Law Firm represented a major commercial real estate firm to negotiate a multi-million-dollar lease with Coca-Cola. The lease area is about 50,000 Sqf on Madison Avenue, New York.


Residential real estate: F&P had assisted Chinese clients in purchasing U.S. properties, without any capital verification. We had helped clients to open local bank accounts and carry out financial plannings in advance. Once the client had purchased the property, we provided property management. F&P also helped the client to do the tax planning, so that zero tax declaration can be achieved annually.


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